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Sayyid Abdullah Hasani Nadwi Rh

Sheikh Sayyid Abdullah Hasani Nadwi Rh (1957-2013 CE) was eldest grandson of Dr. Sayyid Abdul Ali Hasani Rh and eldest son of Sheikh Sayyid Mohammad Al-Hasani Rh. His mother was the elder daughter of Sayyid Hasan Musanna Hasani son of Sayyid Mohammad Moin Abdullah belonging to town Haswa in district Fatehpur.

Early days

He was born on 19th of June 1957 CE at his grandfather Dr. Sayyid Abdul Ali Hasani’s clinic and home in Lucknow. He was nurtured in the religious domestic environment of his home. He was brought up under the supervision of Sheikh Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rh. He used to live in Raebareli with his grandfather’s younger brother Sheikh Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rh. He was silent natured with very few friends. He loved to sit with scholars and literate people.


He received primary education by his elders at home as well as Molvi Saleem Sultanpuri, Sheikh Murtuza Lucknowi and Maulana Ayub. Then he went and completed his higher education in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama. Some of his teachers are: Sheikh Wajeehuddin Nadwi, Maulana Abdul Sattar Azami Maroofi, Maulana Ziaul Hasan Azami, Maulana Burhanuddin Sambhali and Maulana Dr. Saeedur Rahman Azami Nadwi, apart from the elders of his house who taught in Nadwatul Ulama.


As he loved to be in the companionship of the saints and Islamic scholars, occasionally he went to seek their blessings. Some of the saints and Islamic scholars to whom he went are: Sheikh Mohammad Zakariya Kandhlavi Rh (to whom he was disciple), Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Partapgarhi Rh, Sheikh Wasiullah Allahabadi Rh, Sheikh M. Yaqoob Mujaddidi Rh and so on. He was given the permission for the oath of allegiance from Sheikh Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rh.


He was appointed as a teacher in Nadwatul Ulama soon after completing his graduation from Nadwatul Ulama in January, 1978. He specialized in Hadith (Traditions of the prophet) and it was his favourite subject. In the beginning, he taught “Qasas Al-Nabiyeen”, some chapters of “Sahih Al-Bukhari”, first two chapters of the Holy Quran, some chapters of first volume and complete second volume of “Sunan Tirmizi”, “Arkan-e-Arba” in graduation and “Hujjatullah Al-Balighah”. He was very much respected and loved by the students, whose problems were brought to him and he solved them with consideration and deliberation.

He started writing articles in Arabic magazine “Al-Raid”. Subsequently, he became its editor. He had the ability of his father in writing and thinking.

Many of his speeches, lectures and writings were given the form of books, some them are: “Silsala-e-Khutbaat Dawat-o-Islaah”, his articles of Al-Raid were compiled into three different books; and lectures on the Hadith book “Tehzeeb Al-Akhlaaq” by Sheikh Sayyid Abdul Hai Hasani Rh which were held during the pious days of Ramadhan, these lectures were compiled into various books under its own topics.


He was the general secretary of “The Message of Humanity Movement”. He went village to cities and places teaching humans about the humanity. He had a soft sensitive heart for the humanity. After his demise the general secretary’s responsibility was given to Maulana Sayyid Bilal Abdul Hai Hasani Nadwi.

He also led a movement to preach the humanity, informing them about the true Lord, Allah the Almighty.


He died on 30th of January 2013 CE.

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