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Hadhrat Mawlana
Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Maulana Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi was indisputably one of the greatest exponents of Islam in the second half of the twentieth century and because of his command over Arabic, through his writings and speeches, he had a wide area of influence extending far beyond the Subcontinent, particularly in the Arab World. His exposition of Islam was marked by moderation. He was not a fanatic in any sense of the term but he believed in Islam as a blessing for mankind and as a positive and creative factor in human history.

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Books By Hadhrat Mawlana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi. Muhammed Rabey Hasani Nadwi, Muhammed Wazeh Rashid, Sayyid Hamza Hasani Nadwi, Sayyid Jafar Masood Hasani, Sayyid Bilal Abdul Hai Hasani, Sayyid Mehmood Hasani Nadwi, Sayyid Ahmed Shaheed, Sayyid Fakhruddin Hasani Khayali, Hakim Sayyid Abdul Hai Hasani, Hakim Sayyid Abdul Ali Hasani, Muhammed Saani Hasani, Muhammed Al Hasani, Sayyid Abdullah Hasani, Khairunnisa Behtar, Amatullah Tasneem