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Dr. Sayyid Abdul Ali Hasani

Abdul Hai Hasani’s elder son and Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi’s elder brother, guardian and custodian Hakim Dr. Sayyid Abdul Ali Hasani Rh (1893 – 1961 CE) had an angelic heart. His personality was comprehensive, he was firm in faith as well as broad minded and far sighted. A very beautiful anthology of old and new culture and civilization as well as combo of science of east and west could be seen in his personality. His life is a model for youngsters, graduates of Madrasas, universities and authorities of nationalist institutions.

Early Days

He was born on 22nd Jumad Al-Ula 1311 Hijri at Haswa, Fatehpur. Most of his childhood time was spent with maternal uncle Sheikh Abul Qasim and grandfather Hakim Sayyid Fakhruddin Khayali and he received his primary education in maternal home in Haswa, then he went to Nadwatul Ulama where he achieved the beneficence of excellent scholars such as Sheikh Sayyid Ali Zainabi, Sheikh Shibli JaiRajpuri, Sheikh Sultan Mohammad Kabuli, Sheikh Sher Ali Hyderbadi and father Hakim Sayyid Abdul Hai Hasani. He also attended the classes of Sheikh Al-Hind Sheikh Mahmood Al-Hasan and Allama Anwar Shah Kashmiri and took the oath of allegiance for spirituality at the hands of Sheikh Al-Islam Husain Ahmad Madani Rh.

He also achieved expertise in modern education with Islamic education. He started from 9th class and in 1915 completed matriculation with distinction. He completed intermediate in English literature, biology, physics and chemistry. He received shield of excellence in graduation and became a doctor by completing MBBS. He was a true illustration of Islamic teaching in ethics, social behavior and living lifestyle. He also learnt Unani medicine and took to be the disciple of Hakim Ajmal Khan.


After education, he made medical practice his livelihood and became famous for his diagnosis and treatment and for the service to humanity.

He also became a teacher without pay in Nadwatul Ulama, later he was chosen as the member of administration of Nadwatul Ulama in December 1923 CE after the death of his father. Afterwards, he became the Rector of Nadwatul Ulama on 9th of June, 1931 CE. He remained on the position till his days for about 30 years.

Dr. Abdul Ali had a universal personality. From his home to Nadwa and that institution to various Islamic institutions throughout India, Muslim organization and movements, propagation of Islam to non-Muslims as well as political, ideological and educational conditions of Arab countries would make him thoughtful, and he would be aware of everyplace through different means.

Dr. Abdul Ali had a keen expertise in training youngsters. Sheikh Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rh nurtured his personality under his own guardianship and guidance. Furthermore, he also kept his supervision and care upon his son Sheikh Mohammad Al-Hasani and his nephews, Sheikh Sayyid M. Sani Hasani, Sheikh Sayyid M. Rabey Hasani Nadwi and Sheikh Sayyid M. Wazeh Rasheed Hasani Nadwi. He also gave importance to the education and training of his daughters which had an ultimate blooming effect.


He died at the age of 70 on 7th of May 1961. He left behind five daughters and a son Sheikh Sayyid Mohammad Al-Hasani who was genius in God-given skills of language and literature.