Sayyid Fakhruddin Hasani Khayali

Books of Sayyid Fakhruddin Hasani Khayali

Hakim Sayyid Fakhruddin Khayali

Hakim Sayyid Fakhruddin, Khayali, (1840 – 1908 CE) was the grandfather of Sheikh Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Rh. He was a great author of Urdu literature, prominent poet and historian.

Early Days

He was born in 1840 CE, in Takiya Kalan. He lost his father at early age after which he went under the guardianship of his maternal grandfather Sheikh Zahir Hasani Rh (Khalifa Hazrat Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed Rh).


He got his primary education in Nagoor, Madhya Pradesh where his father was SDM. After the demise of his grandfather, he achieved education by Maulana Mohammad Naeem Firangi Mahali Rh, and studied the books on Tibb (Medicine) by Hakim Mohammad Yaqub Lakhnawi. He had a good sense of poetry, for which he became the disciple of Sheikh Ameerullah Tasleem.


After education, he journeyed various cities like Rajputana, Hyderabad, Bhopal and Tonk and stayed there for the purpose of livelihood. Especially, he stayed in various districts of Hyderabad where he served as chief educationist. Service never suited him therefore he never settled at a place. His last journey was towards Tonk where Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan fixed a salary for his service in medical department. After eighteen months, he returned and settled at his home, and spent the rest of his life in solitary.

He had a strong love for reading and writing books and also had a good taste in poetry, therefore he wrote many classic books in Urdu and Farsi languages. His bestseller “Meher Jahan Taab” is recognized and appreciated throughout the years. This book is the encyclopedia of history, biography, science and arts. His other famous books are “Seerat Al-Sadaat”, “Seerat-e-Ilmiyah”, “Sameel Al-Najat”, “Mujarribaat-e-Khayali”, and so on. At first, he kept his nom de plume (pen name) as “Fakr” in Persian and “Meer” in Hindi but later he changed it into “Khayali”.


Regarding Be’at and Tareeqat (oath of allegiance for mysticism), he remained associated to uncle, saint Hazrat Khwaja Ahmad Rh, and he was granted Ijazat (permission for guidance in mysticism) from him. He also got Ijazat from his maternal grandfather Sheikh Zahir Hasani Rh but he never took up this field. His nature was of silent, earnest, tolerance and solitary.


He passed away on Monday, 10th of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, 1326 Hijri at his hometown Daera-e-Shah Alamullah. He left behind two sons – Dr. Sayyid Abdul Hai and Sayyid Muhammad Sabir, who suddenly died at the age of 16 in 1330 Hijri, and four daughters.